How to Send Boat Parts and Spares by Courier


Bubble wrap

Parcel tape

Cardboard box

Overland Express have been shipping boat parts and spares for almost three decades, from propellers through to stern drives and inboard motors.

When preparing your items for shipping, there are a few things to consider, to ensure that your boat parts arrive in the same condition that you sent them in.

Any parts that contain oil or petrol, or other hazardous liquids must be drained and cleaned of any residue before sending.

For items such as winches, depth sounders, auto pilots, bilge pumps, GPS or any fragile items, select a box large enough that the item can be placed in the centre of the box, with adequate space around the item for packing. Wrap the item with several layers of bubble wrap and tape it securely in place.

Make sure that any sharp edges are well protected and that none of the corners or edges are touching the sides of the box. You can fill any voids around the item with packaging peanuts, additional bubble wrap, foam or crumpled newspaper.

Once packed, shake the box to ensure that the item cannot move about. If you can hear it moving around, add more packing until it is securely held in place.

Once you are happy with the packing, secure the box shut with 2 or 3 layers of parcel tape. We always recommend using double walled boxes for peace of mind and additional protection. Avoid using any previously used or damaged boxes.

If sending multiple items within the same box, make sure that you leave adequate space between each item and that each piece is well protected and cannot be damaged by other items within the same box. If in any doubt, send them in separate boxes.

If you are sending boat parts outside of the European Union, you will need to enclose 4 copies of a commercial invoice. We will provide these for you, just remember to attach them to the outside of the box, as they will be needed for Customs clearance. A documents enclosed envelope or similar is perfect.

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