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When the terms 'The Company', 'we', 'our', 'us' and 'carrier' are used in this document it refers to Overland Express, it's employees, agents, subsidiaries and contractors. When 'you',' your' and 'The Customer' are used it refers to the online purchaser, account holder, employees and agents. When the term 'bookings', 'contract', 'consignment', job' or 'shipment' are used it refers to any contract of carriage placed by you and accepted by us for any service we are currently offering.


At the time of placing a booking you agree to all the terms in this non-negotiable document, and accept the rates and transit times quoted on our website or contained within our current tariffs, which are available on request.


The Company is not a common carrier and will only accept goods for carriage under the terms and conditions in this document.


The Company may employ and engage the services of any carrier for the purposes of fulfilling the contract, and any such other carrier shall have the like power to sub-contract under these terms and conditions.


All accounts are issued and maintained in strict accordance with the company's terms of credit, which are as follows: a) Accounts are due when rendered and payment is required within 30 days of the invoice. b) Invoices are subject to VAT at the current rate for shipments within Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands). c) All invoices issued by the company are deemed correct unless queried within 14 days of the date of the invoice. d) The customer shall not be entitled to defer or withhold, the payment of any monies due or liabilities incurred to the company, by reason of having any claim or counterclaim, or any alleged claim or counterclaim, and the customer shall not under any circumstances be entitled to any rights of set-off in relation thereto.


The customer is to securely package any items sent with us, in accordance with our packaging instructions. No sharp edges or bare metal sections are accepted, with the exception for flight cases. The delivery address is to be clearly attached to the consignment, in addition to the parcel label. Ensure that any consignment carrying liquids of any description are sealed in a liquid proof container and securely packed to ensure the integrity of the goods. Notify the Company in writing if the Goods comprise of jewellery, precious metals, glass, dangerous chemicals, pharmaceutical products, firearms or explosives. Ensure that an authorised person is available at the place at which the Goods shall be delivered to receive the same. Should an authorised person not be available at a residential address The Company will attempt delivery to a neighbour or at the receiver's instructions, leave the goods in a suitable location at, or adjacent to the original delivery address and either place a card through the door of the original address, or send an email or SMS message to the original addressee with information as to their location. Dangerous goods are not to be sent through any of our services. 'Dangerous Goods' are any goods which require a 'UN' classification, or any substance the possession, storage or delivery of which is a criminal offence or a breach of the provisions of any relevant statute regulation or by-law under the laws of any part of the United Kingdom or of any jurisdiction to or through which the Goods are to be delivered or in which they may be stored.


The company shall be liable for any loss or damage, occasioned during carriage, unless and to the extent that the same has been caused by, is due to, or has arisen from:- a) An act of God, force majeure or any other occurrence or cause beyond the control of the company, including but not limited to war, civil commotion, invasion, hostilities, riots and other like occurrences. b) Seizure, damage, confiscation, requisition or destruction under legal process by or under the order of any government, local authority, or other public body. c) Any act of omission of the customer or the owners of any goods comprised in a shipment (or part thereof), including their respective servants or agents and anything done by the carrier at the express request or discretion from them. d) Inherent liability to wastage, either in bulk, weight or quality, any latent or inherent defects or natural deterioration of the goods. e) Insufficient or improper packaging, labelling or addressing. f) Industrial disputes, lockouts and general or partial stoppages or restraints of labour of whatever nature. g) Electrical, magnetic, injury, erasure, x-ray or other similar damage to electronic or photographic images or recording in any forms. Under no circumstances shall the company be liable in any event for consequential loss, special damages or other indirect loss, howsoever arising, whether or not the company knew or ought to have known that such losses or damages might be incurred, including without limitation loss of income, profits, interest or loss of interest.


The liability of the company for any loss or damage shall be limited to the lesser of the following amounts I) The total value of the claim, or II) GBP 50.00. a) Full Transit Liability cover can and will only be arranged at the specific request of the customer on a per job basis, at the time of booking or prior to the communication of the job, and arranging such cover will incur an additional fee. The fees are detailed on our website. b) The terms and conditions of the Full Transit Liability cover form part of this agreement and a copy of this is available upon request which details commodities that are not covered, including but not limited to precious stones, currency, furs, antiques, glass, ceramics, dangerous or illegal goods or living creatures. We accept no liability whatsoever, for damage to paints, perfumes or liquids, these are sent at your own risk.


The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or other liability of whatsoever nature unless a) The customer notifies the company in writing, by email, of an impending claim within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date, b) The company receives all requested documentation by within twenty-eight days of the claim being opened.


If you have taken out additional insurance cover, always take a few pictures of your item and its internal and external packaging with the parcel label visible. We will request these photos if your package is lost or damaged. In the case of items that have a serial number, also capture this information within the photographs. If your item is lost or arrives damaged, please notify us by email (sales@overlandexpress.co.uk) within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date. If damaged, you must write clear reservations on the delivery note, with as much detail as possible describing the damage. It is within your rights to verify the condition of your package before signing the delivery note. If you sign the delivery note without making reservations, you will not be able to ask for compensation. Finally, do not throw away damaged packages or boxes: pictures could be required when making your claim. We strongly advise you to inform the recipient of these requirements. Any damaged items will need to be collected for inspection. Once an insurance claim has been accepted and completed, the goods will be retained by us. You will need to provide proof of cost, this can be a sales receipt or proof of purchase. If a repair is possible, then the insurance will cover the cost of the repair and you can keep the item. Any amounts claimed, can only be paid to the person placing the order. These cannot be paid to third parties. Additional insurance cover is not available on prohibited items and will only cover the loss of restricted items.


By entering the weights and dimensions of your consignment, you are charged the relevant tariff for that weight, or dimensional weight. If the consignment is measured by the carrier and found to be under declared, your card will be charged for the additional weight, together with a £10.00 + VAT administration charge.


Duty may be charged locally, for any dutiable item sent outside of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands). Any items shipped to Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) from any other country may also be subject to import duty. These must be paid by the receiver, prior to delivery. We cannot intervene in any disputes with Customs authorities on your behalf. Commercial invoices are supplied by us for Customs clearance, please ensure that you sign and attach 3 copies of this form to one parcel in your consignment. If you or the receiver, do not wish to pay the customs charges and your consignment is returned, you will be charged for the return. Should a deadline be given by Customs before the shipment is discarded and this deadline has passed, you will not be able to claim for the loss.


If at any time one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions shall become or be declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions hereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.


These conditions and each and every contract made pursuant thereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the customer hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


All goods booking's including but not limited to courier, overnight and international are undertaken by the company in accordance with all the other conditions in this agreement and with the following additions. a) Hazardous, Illegal or Dangerous goods, as classified by either English or International law, will not be carried, and the customer not the company shall be liable for any consequences or actions of any kind, resulting from the carriage or attempted carriage of any such items. b) The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or other liability of any kind whatsoever, resulting from goods deliveries arriving late for whatever reason, including but not limited to all the conditions above, and in addition, mechanical breakdown, excessive traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, customs delays, and any other delays out of the company's control. c) The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or other liability whatsoever where fragile or electrical goods are shipped in any other packaging other than the manufacturers original packaging. d) Unless otherwise agreed in writing the method and route of transit shall be at the absolute and sole discretion of the company.


When a booking is placed with us, the collection date specified during the ordering process by you is considered final, unless we are notified in advance and we agree to amend the collection date. The consignment will be collected between 0800 and 1800 on the specified date. Should a collection fail to be made that is due to no fault of us or our courier partners, there will be a £10.00 + VAT surcharge for each additional collection attempt. No refunds shall be given and no exceptions will be made to this rule. Examples of failed collections include, but are not limited to: Wrong collection address provided, nobody at the collection property when the courier arrives, no access to the address due to obstructions out of the control of us or our courier partners, consignment is not prepared for collection or insufficiently packaged, overweight or oversized packages in contrary to what was declared at the time of the booking. Furthermore, Overland Express or our courier partners are not permitted to collect consignments from unattended locations, for example, cars, shed's or garages. The consignment must be collected from a person, otherwise this will also be considered a failed collection. Neither Overland Express, or our courier partners are unable to contact you via any means prior to collection to advise of our arrival time. We enforce this policy as these charges are passed on to us by our courier partners.


Should a delivery fail to be made that is no fault of us or our courier partners, one further delivery attempt shall be made. If this second attempt fails, again, due to no fault of us or our courier partners, the delivery service shall be considered fulfilled by us, and no refund will be issued. Furthermore, it is also considered your responsibility to arrange collection of the consignment from our courier partner's delivery depot. Neither Overland Express or our courier partners are unable to contact you via any means prior to delivery to advise of our arrival time. We cannot deliver to PO boxes, or BFPO addresses, a full street address must be provided. The drivers will deliver to the address provided. They cannot deliver to departments, or specific floors. For International deliveries, a contact number is required in that Country. In the event of a delivery problem, the drivers will not call a UK mobile number. Failure to provide a local contact number could result in your consignment being returned and you being charged for the return. Should any government directives be put in place at any time for any reason whatsoever to limit or control the movement and or proximity of individuals or groups of individuals the Company cannot be held responsible for any delay.


Please advise any address changes prior to your consignment being collected. Any address changes after this are charged at £10.00 + VAT.


All overnight services offered by the company, are undertaken in accordance with all other conditions in this agreement and the following additions, a) If the customer has paid a surcharge for a timed or Saturday delivery, and if the delivery is later than 15 minutes past the delivery time, the surcharge will be downgraded to the next bracket, this will continue up to a total of five hours late, at which point the delivery will not be charged. b) A shipment will be deemed lost, and claims procedures started if it arrives more than 30 hours past the original requested time.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Overland Express customer services team on +44 (0) 20 8977 2777 or Email us at sales@overlandexpress.co.uk

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