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Enter Weight and Dimensions of the package into the calculator tool below, then press the Quote button to view the prices for your parcel delivery. We can only accept one package containing perfume or liquids per consignment, with a maximum weight of 5kg.


Courier for Liquid

If you need to send liquid by courier, Overland Express has been sending liquid for over a quarter of a century, so if you are looking for a courier that delivers liquids such as hand sanitising gel and other Personal protective equipment (PPE), you are in the right place.

We are one of the few couriers that ship liquids, from deliveries of shampoo and shipments of hair care products, through to sending wines and spirits and posting oils and lubricants. There are a few couriers that will let you send liquid by post, although there are restrictions on sending liquids. If you need to send perfume or aftershave, please visit our send perfume page here.

When sending liquids containing alcohol, hand sanitisers, hand gels, they can only be sent by road, throughout the UK and Europe. We cannot deliver them to Ireland, Norway or Switzerland. Please select UPS Specialist (Not Express or Economy) when choosing a liquid delivery service. We cannot send poisonous liquids, petrol, paraffin, thinners, or any forms of highly toxic, highly flammable or explosive liquids. If in doubt, please contact us.

Non flammable liquids are safe to be sent by air or road, on any of our services, if in doubt about what liquids you can send on our liquid courier service, please get in touch with us. If you are sure that you are sending liquids that are not hazardous or restricted, use our normal parcel service here as there are more options to send liquids.

When packing liquids for shipment, the most important thing to consider is the risk of leakage. Always place any liquids in a sealed waterproof bag and then place that into a cardboard box. If you are sending paints or similar, please read our advice on packing paint which can be found here.

When choosing a cardboard box to send liquids in, always use double walled new boxes. Select one large enough to leave sufficient room for you to add some cushioning. This can be in the form of bubble wrap, polystyrene packing peanuts, or for even more security, use air shock bubble packaging. Please note that neither Overland Express or any of the carriers will except responsibility for any liquids damaged whilst in transit, so a little extra care when preparing to ship liquid will result in your liquid delivery arriving in good condition.

Place a layer of packing on the base of the box, then place the item onto the packaging and fill any gaps with packing material. This reduces the chance of the liquid delivery moving around during transit. Shake the box to check that the liquid you are sending cannot move about. If necessary, add more packing material until it is securely held in place.

Once that you are happy with the packaging of the liquid delivery, tape the box shut with 2 or 3 layers of parcel tape, paying attention to any edges that may need additional tape.

Do I need to complete Customs paperwork when sending liquid?

We provide all Customs paperwork free of charge. This is only required when sending liquid outside of the EU.

Can I track my delivery of liquid?

All liquid deliveries are tracked door to door.

Do I need an account to send liquid?

An account is not necessary, you can book directly through our website.


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