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Perfume Courier

By visiting this web page, we understand that you want to send perfume and cosmetics, we can send perfumes, aftershaves and cosmetics throughout the UK (Excluding Northern Ireland).

Overland Express are a specialist courier for perfume, we have been sending perfume for over 30 years.

We partner with UPS and Parcel Force, who can ship perfume via their extensive road-service networks, plus, it is insured against loss (not damage) up to £50.00. Please note that due to the hazardous nature of them, we can only send them in limited quantities. The limits are Parcel Force, 15kg per box, UPS 5kg per box.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

To start saving huge sums of money on all of your perfume delivery requirements, please take a look at our great rates that are available through the 'Send Parcel' tool above. You will be surprised that the cost of sending perfume by courier is not expensive. We can only send perfume throughout the UK (Excluding Northern Ireland) and no longer to Europe.

Before sending perfume, please take a few minutes to read through our packaging advice, which can be found below.

Please note that none of the carriers will accept responsibility for any perfumes damaged in transit due to them being made of glass, so a little extra care when packing, will result in your perfumes arriving in the same condition as when you sent them.

So whether you need to send perfume as a Valentine gift or as a Christmas or birthday present, simply choose our perfume delivery service.

You have probably read that you cannot send perfumes or cosmetics, due to them being prohibited items. The Civil Aviation Authority and IATA banned them from all flights, due to the potentially explosive nature of them on an aircraft. We send perfumes and cosmetics by road to avoid this problem.

How to Send Perfume by Courier


Bubble wrap
Parcel tape
Strong cardboard box
Packing peanuts

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

Perfumes and fragrances are a popular item to send to a loved one, but when sending perfumes, there are a few things to consider. Firstly they are highly flammable and hazardous. Perfumes, colognes, and fragrances in general are made from aromatic oils and mixed with alcohol and when they are subjected to temperature changes or atmospheric pressure, the alcohol can become a volatile and flammable substance.

For this reason, we can only transport perfumes by road, throughout the UK.

When you are shipping perfume, you must be sure to package them carefully. Glass bottles can break in transit if not packed correctly. Always wrap them in several layers of bubble wrap and place them in a larger box. Allow a gap of at least 50 mm around the perfume and fill any gaps with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. If there is more than one perfume in the box, allow space between them to make sure that they are not touching each other. This should cushion the perfume in the event that the box is dropped.

Fill any voids with plenty of packing peanuts, or bubble wrap. Once the packing is finished, shake the box lightly, you should not be able to hear the perfume moving around, or touching any other items within the box. If there is any movement, add further packing material and check again.

Once you are happy with the packing, close the box and seal with parcel tape. You then just need to print off the parcel label and attach it to the box.

If you require a reliable and cheap courier for perfume, then take a look at us, you can get an instant quote now.

Please read below, some frequently asked questions when sending perfume.

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Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Excellent service with Real People!!!

I have been using overland Express for some months now to send liquids to France (not easy with Brexit) and they have given me a fantastic service. There is always an actual person!!! ready to pick up the phone or respond to your emails, they are a small team who all know what is happening and are always happy to help. Quite rare to find that nowadays!! So, I very much recommend them. They also have a good sense of humour when you call, they make my day!


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Brilliant service

Brilliant service, found online after a lot of searching for someone to ship my Grandsons PlayStation 5 from UK to Ireland. Lots of other companies said that they couldn't deal with games consoles and the ones that did say that they couldn't be insured. Sent a few emails back and forth with both Tim & Stuart, answered promptly and confirmed that console was insured. Picked up Thursday evening and at my sons Saturday morning.


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are fantastic agents…

Overland Express are fantastic agents for the courier services. We regularly use their services to transport paint and in over 2 years they haven't missed a beat. Fast to generate labels; Always easy to contact by phone in case of query; Extremely helpful team and the website is easy to use too.

Highly recommended! Effect Distribution Ltd.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send perfume abroad?
A. We can no longer send perfumes outside of mainland UK.

Q. Shipping perfumes?
A. To ship perfumes with us, simply complete your details via our website. You do not need an account, or to attach any hazardous labels to your parcels.

Q. Can I insure perfumes?
A. Due to the containers being made of glass, we cannot insure perfumes. We cover them up to £50.00 in the event of loss.

Q. What is the maximum amount of perfume that I can send?
A. Due to the dangerous goods classification of perfumes, the maximum that we can send is 5kg per box with UPS and 15kg per box with Parcel Force.

Q. Do you have any drop off options for sending perfumes?
A. We have a UPS drop at shop option on our website, as well as a drop at post office option with Parcel Force.

Q. Can I send other items in the same parcel as the perfume?
A. You can include other items within the parcel, as long as the parcel weight does not exceed 5kg with UPS and 15kg with Parcel Force.

Q. I have sold a perfume, but do not have the buyers phone number, can I still send it?
A. If the carrier cannot contact the receiver and the parcel is returned, due to no telephone number being provided, you will be charged for the return.