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Insured Militeria Courier

At Overland Express we understand that the value of some items of militaria can be astronomical, hence why we are offering this service, which has the option of fully insuring your items of militaria for loss or damage whilst in transit.

We have been shipping collectable militaria items for over 30 years for some or our niche clients, as this proved to be a popular service, we are now opening up this militaria shipping service with insurance to the general public.


It's not unusual for World War II helmets, uniforms and accoutrements, medals and badges to name but a few, to be worth several thousand pounds. Our bespoke insurance policy provides cover for up to £20,000.00 for just 2.00% of the declared value.

It should be noted that items made from glass or similar fragile and brittle materials are completely excluded from our insurance services.

Shipping Restrictions

There are, however, restrictions on shipping certain militaria collectable items, for example, we are not able to facilitate the delivery of the following items of militaria:

  • • Firearms and Ammunition - Regardless of them being live, deactivated, replica or inert.
  • • Explosive Devices - Regardless of them being live, deactivated, replica or inert.
  • • Bladed Weapons - Examples include bayonets, swords and ceremonial daggers.

We understand that replica and deactivated weapons are essentially ornaments, but we are unable to ship them as this would be in violation of the carriers' terms and conditions. Furthermore, most packages are scanned on the same machines you will be familiar with at airports, and therefore, you can understand the disruption that would occur when an operator encounters an image of a hand grenade on their scanner display!

Packing Militaria Items for Shipping

Due to the value of collectable military items, special attention should be taken when packaging them.

We recommend using double walled rigid cardboard boxes for the outer box, then placing the item of militaria that you are shipping within a smaller box within the outer larger box, and using materials like polystyrene packing chips to fill the void between the inner and outer box, and for protection of the subject item.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

The item, when packaged, should not be able to freely move around within the boxes, when shaken.

Also consider, if there was an external spillage that was able to soak through your packaging, would the militaria that is being shipped be damaged or destroyed? If so, it may be prudent to also wrap the item in polythene sheeting. Whilst such damage may be covered by insurance, most collectors would not like to see such a rare item being potentially destroyed unnecessarily.

Smaller items such as military badges and awards can also be shipped by this service, but please do not send these items in a small box or padded envelope. We would recommend not sending anything of value within anything smaller than a shoe box as there is less chance of it being lost whilst in transit.

Ensure that when the shipping label is adhered to the box, not of the bar codes or address details are obscured by the parcel tape and that it is sufficiently secured to the box. We also suggest placing an additional copy of the parcel label within the inside of the outer box, as should the outer label be detached or somehow obscured, the secondary label will be discovered when the depot staff attempt to identify the parcel origin.

Our insurers also stipulate that nothing must appear on the outer box that may indicate that something of high value is contained within.

International Shipping

Overland Express will provide all required customs paperwork which is automatically formulated from the information that you provide at the time of purchasing a parcel label for your militaria item(s). This important document will be attached to the email that also contains your parcel label. The customs paperwork must printed once and all three pages should be signed and placed into an envelope which is marked as 'Commercial Invoice'. This envelope should be affixed to the outer box of your shipment. There is no requirement to seal the envelope.

If sending items of militaria internationally, you are responsible to ensure that the item being shipped is legal in the source and destination countries. For example, certain emblems are illegal because of what they represented. The insurance policy provider or Overland Express will not be financially or legally liable for items seized or destroyed by customs authorities.

Please read our frequently asked questions below, for further information about shipping collectable and rare militeria.

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Helping Feline ship their stuff

Feline Guitars have been using this small company for a number of years and always had great service and competitive pricing. We had previously used UPS directly till it got to be hard work to communicate with them. The personal attention and help that you can get in an industry that is increasingly automated and hands-off is a welcome thing to have.

Jonathan Law

Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Southwell Guitars Recommend…

Southwell Guitars have been using Overland Express for some years now for sending our guitars worldwide. Most major courier companies do not insure musical instruments but Overland Express have an insurance service that specialise in musical instrument insurance, giving my customers and me peace of mind. I also like that Stuart and Tim are always easy to contact if there are any questions or If I need any help. This was especially helpful after the chaos created by Brexit and the Covid pandemic. Overland Express are my first choice when I am sending guitars, something I do on a regular basis and recommend them to anyone.
Southwell Guitars

Gary Southwell

Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Highly recommended personal service

I've been using Overland Express now for a number of years. As I send a good number of both electric and acoustic guitars every year, I wanted to find a company that offered reasonable shipping and insurance rates that guaranteed to cover guitars against loss or damage to their true value. Step forward Stuart and Overland Express. They offer top couriers and reasonable insurance costs to send guitars worldwide. In all the time I've used them I've never once had an issue. Service is quick, reliable and it is a real bonus you are able to contact someone quickly who will deal with issues should any arise. Highly recommended.
Loxley Custom Guitars

Matt Loxley


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Why Choose Overland Express?

Cost Effective

Some of our competitors supply budget services at a fraction of the cost cheaper than our premium services, budget services can take up to 5 days to deliver vs overnight for our services, which means your customers are more likely to return, all for the sake of a couple of pounds.

Quote in Seconds

The only information that we require to provide a quotation are the sender's and recipient's postcode along with the dimensions of the parcel. We don't ask for your email address at this early stage as we have no intention of sending follow up emails should you leave before completing the booking.

Express Services

UPS, DHL, DPD, Parcel Force, APC, FedEx to name but a few courier providers that we have a working relationship with. These providers do fluctuate depending on what offers they can provide us with and the level of satisfaction that our customers have received from these parcel delivery companies.

Online Updates

The whereabouts of your parcel delivery can be instantly tracked by entering the tracking number into our courier partners web-site (links can be found on this site). The status is usually updated at every significant stage, which will allow you clearly see when the parcel has reached its final destination.

High Value Items

High value items are always risky to send by courier, some providers will not even accept such items let alone insure them. We offer both, we can ship expensive items worldwide and provide insurance up to £20,000.00 (exclusions apply) for just 2.00% of the items declared value.

Customer Assistance

Our UK call centre based customer support team are available to take your telephone call or answer your email questions on working days between 0830hrs and 1730hrs UK time. We also have a live chat facility on this web-site which is available at the same times as the call centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send militaria internationally?
A. Yes, however, please ensure that the item you are shipping is legal in the source and destination countries and it does not contain any prohibited emblems or logos.

Q. Can I send deactivated firearms and bayonets though this militaria shipping service?
A. No and No, currently we cannot send anything that is, or resembles a weapon though any of our services.

Q. Does the insurance cover an item that I purchased which subsequently turned out to be fake?
A. No, the shipping insurance only covers loss or damage to items of militaria whilst in transit.

Q. Can I send awards such as an Iron Cross First Class through this service?
A. Yes you can, however, ensure that the symbol embossed on this item is not prohibited in the source or destination country.

Q. I understand that firearms cannot be sent through this service, what about magazines or stocks?
A. We would suggest avoiding shipping anything that is a component part of a firearm as these are also generally prohibited by our courier partners.