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Overland Express offer the best price on the internet for online parcel delivery to Bermuda.

Bermuda has been a popular location for Overland Express online courier service for more than 2 and a half decades.

On a monthly basis, Overland Express send thousands of items, including parcels to Bermuda. Due to our wide coverage of Bermuda, we have most likely delivered to the same location that your parcel is going many times before.

Overland Express are industry leaders within the domestic and international parcel delivery industry, this allows us to make sure that your package to Bermuda arrives at its intended destination without any problems.

About our business - Overland Express take great pride and pleasure in ensuring that the logistics needs of a large amount of diverse companies are met, not only do we send a huge amount of parcels to Bermuda, but we service practically every other destination in the world!

With a proven track record and many years of excellent service, we provide our customers a first class service, our collaboration with industry names like UPS, we are able to pass on great savings too.

Please read the Prohibited  Items (Bermuda section) before you send a parcel to Bermuda.

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A little about Bermuda

Bermuda is a small country, and British overseas territory that is located in the North Atlantic Ocean directly East of the US state of South Carolina. Bermuda depends on tourism and financial services to stimulate its economy.

Capital City: Hamilton

Overall, we don't ship the most packages to the Capital of Bermuda, these destinations take the bulk of our cheap parcel deliveries:

Hog-Bay, Somerset-Village, Tuckers-Town.

Bermuda has no shared borders, however, Overland Express will deliver parcels to any nearby country.