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Send Collectables by Courier

Collectable items come in many guises, from modern in demand items that are sought after by the masses to niche areas that capture the interest of a select few.

Wherever your passion lies, when you need to send a collectable item by courier, we have a delivery service that will suit your needs. On top of this, we can offer insurance (exclusions for items made from glass or other similar fragile materials apply) up to £20,000.00 to protect your collectable item(s) whilst in transit for just 2.00% of the stated value (exclusions apply).

Collectable and rare items that we often ship include:

Sending antique furniture to and from the United Kingdom. It should be noted that most of the furniture that we deliver are smaller items as larger items would generally require a pallet (please contact us for pallet shipping).

Over the last few years we have seen a resurgence of people sending vinyl records, whilst we agree that the sound quality of vinyl can be vastly superior to lossy digital music, it requires very expensive turntables and tone arms to bring out the real quality of this medium. Perhaps just a fad, or a real return to analogue music?

The shipping of Pop figures and original Star Wars figures (in original, unopened packaging) are other examples of collectable items that are sent through our delivery services, not to mention various collectable dolls and plush toys that are shipped with us.

And of course, we also send stamp collections and deliver rare coins and military medals, all timeless hobbies that have a relatively large collector community around the world.

Sending Classic car parts is another area that we have seen a lot of growth over the past few years, we regularly send classic British car parts to Japan and China, and likewise we also import car parts for foreign marques in to the United Kingdom, whilst not always collectable classic cars, they are most certainly rare.

We send comic books and trading cards on behalf of several dealers, although we don't send these collectables as often as the other areas that we have mentioned above.

Remember, if you are sending rare or collectable items through our services and choose to purchase additional insurance, you cannot simply state an arbitrary price of what you think an item is worth, you must also be able to put provenance on that price should the need for a claim arise, such as a sales receipt (what you paid for or sold the item for) or evidence of previous sales elsewhere.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

In order for the collectable item that you are sending to be covered by insurance, it must be adequately packaged, even if this means placing the item in two outer double walled cardboard boxes with ample packing material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene chips protecting the item.

We also recommend taking photographs that depict the item in good order, and should they exist, capture any serial numbers or visually distinguishing marks, and finally take photographs of the item in its boxed or packaged state. Our insurer also stipulates that there should be no labels or markings visible on the outer packaging that references what maybe inside, this is especially important when sending high value or sought after items.

Use our 'Send a Parcel' tool above to see how much you will save when you send collecable or rare items with Overland Express.

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Efficient Service!

Efficient Service!
I am using Overlandexpress service for over a year to ship perfume outside the UK. I am pleased with their reliable service and friendly customer service.


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are a fantastic…

We use these guys all the time and cannot fault their service. Site easy to use and very competitive prices. Excellent service. 10/10

Anthony Walker

Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are fantastic agents…

Overland Express are a fantastic company, I use them to ship all of my Fragrance Shipments to the European countries that UPS serve.

David McMillan


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When making a parcel delivery booking with Overland Express you will have a choice of either Express or Road, Express deliveries are usually dispatched by Air. Road services, whilst slower, are also significantly cheaper than Express.

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All of the delivery services that are supplied by Overland Express regardless of the courier provider, can be tracked online, either by following the links on this site or going directly to the courier web-site and entering the tracking number.

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At Overland Express we offer several specialist service for difficult to send items, which includes Paints, Perfumes, Liquids, Alloy Wheels, Tyres, Watches, Jewellery and expensive items such as Musical Instruments, computers and Cameras.

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Our customer services telephone support line is open on working days only, between 0830hrs and 1730hrs UK time. Outside of these house, please use the email facility to contact us, we will reply to all messages as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I send collectable items overseas?
A. Yes you can, but be mindful of local laws as some collecable items may prohibited due to an inappropriate logo or slogan.

Q. I am sending a rare item, how do I state the value for insurance purposes?
A. The value should be the amount that you have sold them for. This should be backed up with an official receipt from the platform where the item was sold, for example eBay.

Q. My collectable items are extremely expensive, can they be insured?
A. We can insure the majority of items through booking process, should an item exceed £20,000.00, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Q. I need to send an ornamental sword, can this be sent through this service?
A. No - Weapons of any discription cannot be sent through this service, this includes anything that would visually represent a weapon or parts thereof.

Q. Can I send hunting trophies, animal skins or items made from ivory?
A. No - These items are prohibited by the majority of couriers and if being sent abroad, would most likely be confiscated by customs authorities.

Q. I wish to send a current edition coin that is valued at more than the face value, can it be insured for its collectable value?
A. No - Coins and banknotes that are considered legal tender are prohibited by the courier companies.