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Send Hi-Fi Separates

Deciding on who best can send Hi-Fi equipment can be a headache.

We don't mean to make a big noise, but Overland Express have been sending speakers for over 25-years. From cables and interconnects, through to valve amps and electrostatics, we are the renowned courier for Hi-Fi equipment.

If that's music to your ears, then why not check out our prices today. We send Hi-Fi equipment for some of the industry leaders, from Arcam through to Townshend Audio.

Our partners include DHL, DPD and UPS, so you can be sure that your Hi-Fi equipment will be delivered safely, without any need for fanfare.

Check out our 'Send a Parcel' tool above to see how much we can save you when you send Hi-Fi separates.

You can also view our packaging guide before sending Hi-Fi components here.



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