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Courier for speakers

Deciding which courier service to use when sending Hi-Fi speakers, can be daunting.

Leave that problem to us, at Overland Express we have been sending floor-standing speakers, book-shelf speakers, panels, ribbons and electrostatics for over 30 years. Overland Express are the experts when a courier for Hi-Fi speakers is needed.

If you like what you hear, then why not take a look at our low prices today. We send Hi-Fi speakers and associated equipment for some of the very best names in the industry, including Arcam and Townshend Audio. When you send speakers, we have a great selection of delivery options, including overnight delivery, through to European economy delivery and various other options for international delivery of speakers.

Our delivery partners include DHL, DPD, Parcel Force and UPS, so you can be certain that your Hi-Fi speakers will be shipped safely, without any need for worry.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

We can insure your Hi-fi speakers against damage or loss, to the full replacement price, to a maximum of £20,000.00 (exclusions apply).

Visit our 'Send a Parcel' tool above to see how much we can save you when you send Hi-Fi speakers.

Before you send speakers with us, please have a read of our packing instructions, prior to sending. We ask that you use the manufacturers packaging where possible, but also appreciate that due to the size of the cartons, a lot of people dispose of them. You can view our packaging guide for Hi-Fi speakers below.

How to Send Hi Fi Speakers by Courier


Packing crate if applicable
Bubble wrap
Strong cardboard box
Parcel tape

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

When sending your valuable speakers by courier, there are several things to bear in mind.

If you are sending speakers by courier, the chances are that they are quite large and could be around 30kg, So, the chances of that being dropped at some point along the delivery chain, is quite high.

Ask yourself, that if it was dropped from waist height, would it be packed sufficiently to withstand the impact.

Most situations of damage are due to insufficient packaging.

For the majority of items, the manufacturer's cartons are sufficient to send speakers by courier. But if you are in any doubt, wrap them in additional layers of bubble wrap, or build a wooden crate to send your speakers in. Using polystyrene sheets on each face and between any items as dividers. Far better to be safe, than to argue with insurers over a damaged and possibly unreplaceable item. For speakers larger than bookshelf size, we recommend using separate boxes for each one.

If you are sending electrostatics, ribbon, or panel speakers, such as Martin Logan, Apogee etc, often a pallet is a better option, where your item can be held securely in place. When using a pallet, please ensure that the exposed sides are protected too, or better still, enclose them in a wooden crate. You will need to contact us for a price for sending a pallet, or speakers over 150 cm high.

Our additional insurance cover is 2.00% of the value of the component (subject to a minimum £10.00 charge). It covers all speakers, Hi-Fi and electrical items and the manufacturers packaging is sufficient (providing that it does not highlight that you are shipping a valuable item).

Seal the box with parcel tape and add additional tape to the seams and edges, so that the box is sealed in both directions. Finally, print off and attach your parcel label to the finished box.

Should you need a reputable courier for speakers, then take a look at Overland Express, to see how inexpensive we are.

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Lowest Prices

We are able to offer lower process than the courier providers themselves due to our bulk buying power, further to that these providers don't want to have the hassle of dealing with individuals - That's how we can offer significantly lower prices.

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We've tried to make it as easy as possible to book a parcel delivery with Overland Express by keeping the number of pages down to an absolute minimum that you are required to click-through to complete the parcel delivery booking.

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We are sorry to disappoint, but you will not find any budget parcel delivery services here. However, the premium highly rated services from the likes of DHL and UPS can be found here that have prices very close to the budget services that we always avoid.

Parcel Tracking

Use the tracking reference number that we provide at the time of booking to ascertain the whereabouts of your parcel at any given time, from collection to delivery, major updates are always shown on our courier partners tracking pages.


We have secured specialist insurance cover for most items (glass, perfume, paint and liquids etc. excluded) up to the value of £20,000.00 which can be purchased for just 2.00% of the items stated value.

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Use the live chat function on our web-site if you need to quickly speak with one of our customer support team, it's a direct communication channel which does not use artificial intelligence to attempt to dissuade you from talking to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am sending speakers to the USA for servicing, can you bring them back to the UK, after they have been serviced?
A. We can import speakers from virtually any Country.

Q. I am sending vintage speakers, how do I declare the value for insurance?
A. The value would be the amount that you have sold them for. This can be in the form of the amount of the eBay transaction, or PayPal amount received.

Q. My speakers are very expensive, can you still insure them?
A. We can fully insure the majority of speakers directly during the booking process, should an item exceed our threshold, please contact us.

Q. I am sending the drive units for repair, can I still use your courier service for speakers?
A. Yes of course. You can send any HiFi components with us.

Q. Can I send HiFi speakers to the European Union after Brexit?
A. Yes you can, however, 3 copies of a commercial invoice will need to be attached to the outside carton of the speakers that you are sending to the EU. We will provide these documents free of charge.

Q. I am sending home cinema speakers, including a sub-woofer, what value do I declare?
A. You would enter the consignment value, that includes the main speakers and the sub-woofer.