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Courier for Game Consoles

Your choice of gaming system is much like your choice of beverage, a matter of taste. We offer the most reliable way to send a game console and accessories, to anywhere in the World.

These powerful entertainment devices have become hugely popular over the past 20 years, so much so that we feel we have become a specialist courier for PlayStation's with the amount of them that we handle. We don't just send PlayStations, we can ship any game console, headset, or controller from just £6.53 + VAT. So if you are sending a game console for repair, or have sold it on eBay, we have a range of shipping options to suit your budget and requirements.

As we only partner with industry leaders, when you send an Xbox console, or any other gaming device, it can be fully insured against loss or damage (exclusions apply). We only use the World's most reliable carriers, such as DHL, UPS, DPD and Fedex.

We find that someone would generally use our courier for PlayStation service when they have sold the device or are sending a PlayStation for repair, or to a friend or family member.

Have a look at our our 'Send a Parcel' tool located above to see how much you can save when you send a gaming console with us.

Please take a few minutes to read our packing instructions before sending a games console.

How to Send Game Consoles by Courier


Bubble wrap
Parcel tape
Cardboard box

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

When you need to send a game console, for example, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, the correct packaging will ensure that it arrives in one piece.

Sending a game console for repair or servicing, or after an eBay sale, is simple with Overland Express.

Where possible, always use the manufacturers packaging and enclose it in an additional outer box, for added security. An additional box can be found free of charge at most local supermarkets.

When preparing to send a game console, line the first box with a minimum of 2 layers of bubble wrap, then wrap the game console itself in 2 layers of bubble wrap, keeping any cables and accessories separate, to avoid any possible damage during transit. Place the item in the lined box and fill any gaps with additional bubble wrap or packing material. Crumpled paper can also be used to fill any spaces. Make sure that no surfaces are touching the sides, or top and bottom of the box.

Put an additional 2 layers of bubble wrap on top of the item, before closing the box and sealing with good quality parcel tape. Seal the box in both directions, paying attention to the seams and edges. Extra attention at this stage will minimise any risk of damage during transit.

Once this stage is finished, prepare the outer box, using 2-3 layers of parcel tape to secure the bottom of the box. Line the base and the sides of the box with bubble wrap and place the first box inside the larger box. You may need to add additional layers of bubble wrap, depending on the size of the outer box.

Fill any gaps with crumpled paper or packing material and shake the box to check if there is any movement. You can add additional packing material to make sure that the inner box does not move around during transit.

Once you are happy with the packing, seal the box securely with parcel tape and print off and attach your parcel label to the box.

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Why Choose Overland Express?


We believe that we offer the best prices for parcel shipping online. Don't be fooled by some of the prices offered by our competitors, as these will be sub-par budget services or lower standard services offered by premium brands.

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It will literally take just a few minutes to complete a parcel delivery booking from start to finish. We've kept the number of pages that you are required to fill out to an absolute minimum with no sneaky upselling at the checkout.

Air & Road Services

When making a parcel delivery booking with Overland Express you will have a choice of either Express or Road, Express deliveries are usually dispatched by Air. Road services, whilst slower, are also significantly cheaper than Express.

Online Tracking

All of the delivery services that are supplied by Overland Express regardless of the courier provider, can be tracked online, either by following the links on this site or going directly to the courier web-site and entering the tracking number.

Our Specialisms

At Overland Express we offer several specialist service for difficult to send items, which includes Paints, Perfumes, Liquids, Alloy Wheels, Tyres, Watches, Jewellery and expensive items such as Musical Instruments, computers and Cameras.

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Our customer services telephone support line is open on working days only, between 0830hrs and 1730hrs UK time. Outside of these house, please use the email facility to contact us, we will reply to all messages as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am sending a game console to my family, do I still need to provide a commercial invoice?
A. If you are sending a game console outside of the United Kingdom, a commercial invoice is required. You can declare it as a gift, but duty may still be payable to local Customs.

Q. How do I pack a game console for shipping?
A. Please read our game console packing advice, which can be found on our main website.

Q. Can I ship an Xbox, PS4 or PS5 by air?
A. You can send game consoles by road, or air, depending on the destination.

Q. Can I send games with my console?
A. You can send games, cables, headset's and accessories with your console.

Q. Will my game console be insured during shipping?
A. You can fully insure your game console whilst it is being shipped.

Q. What size box should I use to send a game console?
A. You should ideally use the original box to ship your game console, placed inside a slightly larger, double walled cardboard box. Please read our packing advice, for further details.