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Return eBay Item

By visiting this page, it would appear that you have purchased an item from eBay and want to return it to the seller by courier.

You are not alone, thousands of people return eBay purchases daily because it arrived faulty or significantly not as described.

Occasionally the seller will pay the postage to have the eBay item returned to them, however, it is more common for the postage to send the eBay item to be paid for by the purchaser.

Don't forget, that if the item arrived broken or not as described, you can file a dispute with eBay to claim a refund. Customer Services will normally insist that the eBay item is returned by courier to the seller at your cost. We have a comprehensive collection and delivery service at very competitive prices to help soften the blow of returning an eBay item to the seller. These services all provide item tracking of your eBay return, which is also a requirement of returning eBay items.

You may need to send an eBay purchase back as you made the mistake and the seller is allowing you to return the eBay item under the distance selling rules, again, this eBay returns courier service is suitable for your situation too.

When you send back an eBay purchase, we make the process of returning eBay items as simple as possible, simple select the destination country, size of parcel and choose from our wide range of couriers for eBay returns.

Don't forget to package the eBay returns correctly and take photographs as if the seller has been forced to accept the return eBay item, they may look for an excuse to counter claim against you.

You will need to contact the seller to establish where they want eBay returns sent to as the business address listed on eBay may not be their address for returning eBay items to.

Further information regarding returning eBay purchases can be found at the eBay site here.


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