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Door to door next day service, parcel to Falkland Isles, let Overland Express introduce you to our discount parcel service.

We have been trading for over 20 years, during that time Overland Express have delivered many parcels to Falkland Isles.

The capital city of Falkland Isles, which is Stanley, is by far our most popular destination for parcel deliveries to Falkland Isles, however, we also deliver a huge amount of packages to the smaller towns and cities.

We are an expert parcel delivery business which has a very strong ethos towards customer support, every consignment that is dispatched is highly important to us, any queries that you may have will be professionally answered by our team.

About us - As a professional courier company, we can help you save money on all of your worldwide parcel deliveries to Falkland Isles as we have been doing for our large customer base for many years.

Overland Express are associates of some of the courier industry leaders, this along with our pedigree and expertise allows us to pass tremendous savings on to our customers.

Please read the Prohibited  Items (Falkland Isles section) before you send a parcel to Falkland Isles.

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A little about Falkland Isles

The Falkland Islands is an archipelago that is located within the South Atlantic Ocean, it is classed as a British Overseas Territory, however, this is disputed by Argentina, where it is known as Islas Malvinas. The economy of the Falkland Islands is based upon the agriculture, fishing licences and farming. There is speculation that significant oil reserves exist deep below the waters that surround these islands.

Capital City: Stanley

We send thousands of packages monthly to Falkland Isles, most of these places within Falkland Isles receive our cheap parcel post:

Port-San-Carlos, Mount-Pleasant, West-Falkland.

Falkland Isles has no shared borders, however, Overland Express will deliver parcels to any nearby country.