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Send a Parcel to Finland

Parcel couriered to Finland from the low, low price of only £23.00.

For many years, Overland Express has delivered packages of various sizes and parcels to Finland.

A question that we are often asked is how much does it cost to send a parcel to Finland, and how long does it take?

Partner Days Price From
DPD 4-5 £31.20
UPS Economy 4-6 £38.50
DHL Express 1-2 £20.00
DHL Road 4-5 £23.07
UPS Express 1-2 £25.03

No matter where in Finland your parcel is going, as Finland is a regular destination for Overland Express, we will have delivered there on numerous occasions.

We are an expert parcel courier service that has an outstanding ethos for customer service, each and every parcel that is shipped is very important to us, any questions that you may have will be professionally and promptly answered by our dedicated support team at Overland Express.

Who are we? Overland Express provide a bespoke courier service to anywhere in the world, we can save you money and time on any delivery, anywhere in the world.

We are an established and proficient courier service provider, trading for almost 25 years, we are connected to reputable names in the parcel delivery industry, for example, UPS.

Please read the Prohibited  Items (Finland section) before you send a parcel to Finland.

Our Highlights: UK delivery from just £3.99, Worldwide next day delivery service from only £15.00 and send a 30kg parcel to Europe from as little as £16.99.

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A little about Finland

Boasting the best education system in the world, Finland is an extreme Northern European country. Its capital city Helsinki is touted as the best city to live in, in the world, with its education system and seemingly endless number of saunas, perhaps there is some truth there! Let Overland Express provide all of your logistics requirements to Finland whilst you relax in one of the many saunas!

Capital City: Helsinki

Parcels going to these places in Finland are also popular courier locations:

Helsinki, Kajaani, Kokkola, Kuopio, Kussamo, Mikkeli, Oulu, Pori, Raahe, Rovamiemi, Sirkka, Turku, Vaasa.

Finland has shared borders with Norway, Russia and Sweden - Overland Express also send parcels to those countries.