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As industry leaders, we offer discount parcels at the best price online, send your parcel to Guadeloupe with Overland Express.

Overland Express have been involved in shipping parcel deliveries to Guadeloupe for over a quarter of a century.

Altogether Overland Express sends thousands and thousands of parcels to Guadeloupe yearly, with the bulk of these going to the capital city, which is Basse-Terre.

The customer support team at Overland Express are experts within the courier industry who will ensure that your package reaches Guadeloupe without delay and in perfect condition.

Overland Express? We are UK leaders within the courier industry, we do not only send parcel deliveries to Guadeloupe, we send anything from letters to bulk containers, domestically and internationally.

Being a courier and parcel delivery industry veteran, we have partnered with the leading brand names in parcel delivery which includes DHL and UPS.

Please read the Prohibited  Items (Guadeloupe section) before you send a parcel to Guadeloupe.

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A little about Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a French Overseas Territory that is located just North of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. The economy of Guadeloupe is based upon the exports of agricultural produce, fish and livestock.

Capital City: Basse-Terre

Within Guadeloupe, most of our cheap parcel deliveries are sent to these places:

Trois-Rivieres, Rifflet, Gros-Cap.

Guadeloupe has no shared borders, however, Overland Express will deliver parcels to any nearby country.