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Sending Musical Instruments for the Musically Illiterate

You know the scenario; a dear friend gifts you a beautiful musical instrument following a drunken comment made one evening about how much "you wished you'd learnt to play the guitar". Now you've got a guitar, but you never wanted a guitar, what do you do with a flipping guitar? GOT IT, sell and then ship your guitar by courier! So you speed learn how to be an online vender, borrow a friends camera phone and boom, sell it on the web, result!

Now the online world of commerce can be as difficult to traverse as Cape Horn was to 17th century sailors, but that shouldn't deter you from finding a new, more appropriate home, for your gifted guitar.

But selling and shipping a guitar around the world, how do you do that? Armed with your camera phone, some bumf you've gleaned off the interwebs and aided by some millennial who was born D.I.A. (During the Internet Age), you post your advertisement and await the tsunami of interest from real musicians.

"Buy it Now" or sit back and enjoy the bidding war, it's your choice, be aware though that a problem looms not far ahead. Success, you've sold your guitar to a Jeremy Cundersnatch in Scratchy Bottom, Dorset, for enough beer tokens for a decent weekend out!.

But how the heckity-heck do you send the thing to him? Packing your guitar requires skill, knowledge and experience, all of which you lack, so who can you trust to ship your guitar safely? Surely Postie can just take it with a label stuck on the back, but that's probably frowned upon by the online commerce P.C. (packaging correctness) brigade!

How do you pack and ship a guitar, I mean it wasn't a GCSE subject at school! Fear not, here's a little assistance from some professionals of the interwebs...

1. Loosen the stringy things attached to the peggy things on the narrow end of the guitar. This reduces tension (bet you didn't know guitars felt emotions!)

2. If it moves, secure it, like the waggly wah-wah thing that resembles a mixer-tap handle! You can do that with newspaper, simple!

3. Protect the neck, which sounds like a first-aid tip, but is in fact the thin end where you tie the wires to the pegs. Don't skimp on this part; treat it to some bubble wrap which, coincidentally, doubles as entertainment for the receiver!

4. Wires are scratchy, so envelope them in something like newspaper to protect the rest of the neck thing from them.

5. If you've got one of those mafia-like machine gun cases, use it! Make sure it sits in tighter than a ducks derriere... any movement, paper-ball bomb it. Guitars are always better packed in their hard cases.

6. You've come this far, let's not get cheap, box it too, using the same principles as the piece of advice above. Space is NOT your friend, this is a game of sardines you're playing here, but with guitar and rolled up newspaper. The box is the final straightjacket preventing any and all movement in transit. The thing to remember is packing your guitar in a larger shipping box, as well as packing it in the hard case, will make the courier happy.

A final point to consider, before we're done here, following the successful shipping of your guitar by courier, is this: Apparently whilst in transit a musical instrument can experience something akin to jet-lag, so once it arrives in Scratchy Bottom, Dorset a little note advising Mr Cundersnatch to not use, said instrument, for 24-hours until it acclimatises, is just good musical equipment etiquette!

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