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Shipping Designer Handbags

When sending a designer bag, it is essential that you choose a reliable courier service, that offers full insurance cover against loss or damage. We have been delivering designer bags and fashion accessories for over 30 years and have our own insurance cover, in the event that something goes wrong. When choosing a courier for designer handbags, it is essential that they offer a fully tracked and signed for service, as some couriers 'leave in a safe place'. We work with the most reliable carriers in the industry, such as DHL. Parcel Force and UPS and can fully cover your luxury items up to £20,000.00.

Whether you are selling the item via an online retailer, sending it as a gift, or one that you have bought, our fast and secure shipping service has you covered.

As well as shipping handbags, you can also send belts, boots, hats and any other fashion items.

To see how much you could save on sending handbags, enter your details in the quote box above. You can use any mainland post code if you do not have both post codes. You will find our rates lower than going directly to the carrier, due to our buying power and whilst they may not offer full loss or damage cover, we do.

Sending a designer bag within the UK

When sending a designer bag within the UK, we offer various delivery options, including timed deliveries and the option to drop off at your local Post Office, or service point. All of our delivery options are fully tracked and signed for and offer a door to door service. Our insurance is competitively priced, at just 2.00% of the value and fully covers you against loss or damage in transit.

When insuring your item, please take a couple of photos, that clearly show the internal and external packaging. For full instructions on packing a designer bag for shipping, please read our instructions below.

Sending designer bags overseas

If you are sending a handbag Internationally, the rules are pretty straightforward and much like sending one within the UK. The only difference with International deliveries, is that Customs paperwork is required, this comes in the form of a commercial invoice that states the description, value and commodity code (HS code). The HS code for leather handbags is 4202210000.

When sending a bag overseas, please be aware that duty may be payable on arrival in the destination Country. Please also be aware that duty will be charged on any bags imported from outside the UK mainland. It is also worth checking that any bags made of rare skins, such as snake, alligator etc, are accepted within the receiving Country.

We offer many services for International delivery of designer bags, belts and accessories, including air and road options throughout Europe and express air delivery to over 220 Countries.

To get an instant quote, simply enter your details in the quick quote box above.

Shipping insurance for designer bags

Our insurance offers comprehensive cover against loss or damage in transit and covers the full value of the item. There are some requirements from our insurer's and these must be followed.

• Cover any distinctive markings or manufacturers logo's
• Remove any labels that could indicate the contents
• Take photo's that show the condition of the item prior to sending, as well as photo's of the internal and external packaging

How to pack a handbag for shipping

Before shipping your designer bag, please take a few minutes to read our packing instructions.

Items that you will need

• Double walled cardboard box
• Dust proof bag
• Packaging peanuts
• Bubble wrap
• Strong parcel tape
• Scissors

Due to their nature, luxury handbags can easily be damaged in transit, so it is imperative to pack them correctly before shipping.

Most designer bags come with a dustproof bag, if you do not have this, a pillow case will suffice. As well as keeping dust away from the bag, it will protect it from scratches. Remove the strap and any accessories and roll the strap up, to avoid any kinking of the strap. These can then be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the bag, or the inner pocket within the bag.

Fill the inside of the bag with either tissue paper or bubble wrap, this allows the bag to retain its shape. Do not fold the handles inside the bag and do not use newspaper, as the ink can mark the inside of the bag.

Wrap the handles in cloth, or bubble wrap. Keep the handles upright and not against the side of the bag, as they can cause dents to the face of the bag.

Wrap the bag completely in a layer of bubble wrap, with additional wrap folded along the edges, and then taped in place.

Place a layer of packaging peanuts, or further bubble wrap in the base of the box and then place the bag inside the box. As a guide to the box size, choose one that is 2 to 3 inches larger in each direction than the bag (50-75cm), this will allow for the packaging material. Always choose a double walled box, as it offers a higher level of protection. Add additional packing peanuts, or bubble wrap to fill the voids around the bag. Once you have done this, shake the box to check for any movement and add additional packaging material if needed. For additional protection, we would suggest a slightly larger additional box, again, fill any voids with bubble wrap or packing material.

When you are happy with the packaging, close the box and seal the flaps with 2 to 3 layers of strong parcel tape. Also apply additional parcel tape along the seams of the box.

Once this is done, all that is needed is to add the parcel label. If you are sending Internationally, please also sign and attach the 3 copies of the commercial invoice, these can be enclosed in a documents enclosed envelope, ziplock freezer bag, or a plain envelope. If using a plain envelope, please write 'commercial invoice' on the outside of the envelope. If you are insuring your bag, please take a photo of the packed box, with the parcel label visible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I ship a handbag through UPS?
A. You can ship designer bags with any of our carriers.

Q. I have recently bought a bag on Ebay, can you collect from the seller?
A. We can collect from any physical address, just not P.O boxes, or BFPO addresses.

Q. I am sending my bag for repair, can you collect it after it has been repaired?
A. We can send you the return labels at the same time, providing you have a return date. If not, you can book the return at a later date.

Q. Can I put additional items in the same box as my bag?
A. You can add additional items, just ensure that they do not come in contact with the bag, as it may damage it.

Q. I am sending my bag overseas as a gift, will the receiver still have to pay duty?
A. The receiver will be liable for duty on the bag, this is based on the declared value.