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Send Baby Milk to China

If you are sending baby milk powder to china, Overland Express has over 25 years of experience in sending parcels containing baby milk and other products to China. In particular, with a massive increase in demand since the crisis in China in 2008, where the local milk powder was found to be contaminated with melamine.

There are a few restrictions on baby milk powder being sent to China. The maximum weight per shipment of baby milk formula cannot exceed 5kg, although you can send baby milk powder in multiple shipments.

When sending baby milk powder, please ensure that the parcel is correctly packed. Always use double walled cardboard boxes and fill any voids with bubble wrap, foam or crumpled paper.

All parcels, other than documents that pass through Chinese Customs, will require payment of duties. The exception to this is if the value of the shipment of baby milk is below 500 Yuan. The receiver may also need to provide a copy of their passport or other official document to Chinese Customs in certain circumstances.

Which couriers can deliver baby milk powder?

We usually send baby milk formula with DHL, although baby milk can also be sent by UPS.

Do your prices cover sending baby milk to the whole of China?

We do not add any surcharges for delivery of baby milk to the remote parts of China, although the delivery of baby milk formula may take slightly longer.

How many cans of baby milk can I send to China?

You can send up to 5kg of baby milk powder to China in one shipment. If you are sending more than 5kg of baby milk, it must be sent as multiple shipments, no exceeding 5kg per shipment of baby milk.

How can I track my shipment of baby milk to China?

When you place of booking for a delivery of baby milk with us, you are sent a bar coded label that contains the tracking number for your baby milk delivery. Simply enter that number into our website to track the progress of your shipment of baby milk. With DHL it is called a waybill number, with UPS it is a tracking number.


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