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Insured Metal Detector Delivery

Whether you are selling your metal detector or sending it for repair or service, you have just struck gold! Overland Express have been shipping expensive and niche items, such as sending metal detectors for over 30 years.

We understand that you maybe hesitant to send a metal detector by courier, due to the cost of these items, and the fact that it's your pride and joy that you have spent years becoming accustomed to.

Not only do we offer a shipping service for metal detectors, we can also insure your metal detector whilst it is in transit up to the value of £20,000.00 (exclusions apply) for just 2.00% of its stated value. It's not unusual for a mid to high end system, such as the XP Deus / Deus 2 and MineLab CTX-3030 to be worth in the region of £1,500.00 to £2,000.00, hence why we introduced a metal detector courier service with insurance (exclusions apply).

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

We don't just provide a courier service for metal detectors, we can also send Ground Penetrating Radar Systems by courier too. Likewise, you can also send pin pointers, shovels and all other metal detecting accessories (excluding any digging tool that would resemble a weapon if subjected to being scanned) by courier. If needs be, all can be insured.

Domestic Shipping of Metal Detectors

We can send metal detectors to anywhere in the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Metal detector shipping times for domestic destinations are generally the next working day, however, should the metal detector need to be delivered more urgently, we offer a pre 1200 delivery service and a Saturday delivery service.

International Courier for Metal Detectors

We can send metal detectors to over 220 International destinations. However, before sending a metal detector by courier overseas, you should check the legality of owning such a device in the destination country, as our insurance will not cover items seized or destroyed by customs/government authorities. Delivery timeframes for metal detectors to international destinations will vary from the next working day (for the majority of European destinations) to one week (for far flung and remote international destinations), the estimated timeframe can be established by using our 'Quote and Book' tool above.

You will be prompted to enter the HS Code for the metal detector, which is 85437012. The HS Code for shovels and parts thereof is 82011000.

It should also be noted that when sending a metal detector to overseas locations, the recipient may be liable to pay local customs import duty - please make sure that the recipient is aware of this before sending a metal detector overseas, otherwise you will be billed for the return shipment.

Before sending a metal detector or relevant accessories by courier, batteries such as standard AA/AAA etc. should be removed from the device(s) and NOT included in the packaging. For devices that contain lithium batteries, these should remain in the device(s) ensuring that they are powered off with no chance of them activating during transit. For devices such as the XP family of metal detectors, it is not possible to remove the batteries or power off the search coil, which is fine, just ensure that the computer cannot accidently activate whilst in transit.

How to Package a Metal Detector for Shipping


Strong double walled cardboard box
Parcel tape
Bubble wrap

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

Before you begin packing the metal detector or accessories prior to shipping, we recommend that you print an additional copy of the parcel label and place it inside the box so that it can be easily located in the event that the original label that will be affixed on the outside of the box becomes detached or damaged during transit - This will enable your package to be identified.

Strip down the detector by removing the search coil, computer (if designed to be removed) and separate the upper and lower struts.

Single use/rechargable batteries should be removed and correctly disposed of, Do not include loose batteries within the box. Lithium batteries should remain fitted within the device(s).

If you are concerned about wireless devices coming to life (such as the XP Deus) during transit, you should place the device (for example, the computer) in a small plastic bag, and then wrap the device in aluminium foil, which will act as a faraday cage, and block any signals before conducting the next steps.

Each of these components should be sufficiently wrapped in bubble wrap as not to sustain any damage should the package be dropped from approximately 1 meter.

Any of these items or any other included items should not be able to freely move around in the box. If you are also shipping digging tools or other heavy items, these should also be sufficiently covered in bubble wrap to precent damage to the box and fragile items.

When the packaging of the metal detector or accessories is complete, the box should be sealed and the parcel label(s) affixed to the outer of the box taking care not to obscure and barcodes or address details on the label.

For international deliveries, please ensure that you print out the commercial invoice that we provide and sign each of the 3 copies. These documents should be placed into an envelope marked 'Commercial Invoice' and taped to the outer of the box on three sides (leave the envelope open to allow the commercial invoice to be easily accessed).

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Efficient Service!
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Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are a fantastic…

We use these guys all the time and cannot fault their service. Site easy to use and very competitive prices. Excellent service. 10/10

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Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are fantastic agents…

Overland Express are a fantastic company, I use them to ship all of my Fragrance Shipments to the European countries that UPS serve.

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We purposely try to keep our overheads down which enables us to offer you the lowest prices on international parcel delivery and domestic courier services. We avoid using advertising as someone has to pay for this, that someone is you!

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DHL, UPS, Parcel Force etc. - Enough said, we do not use budget courier service providers full stop. Having been in the parcel delivery industry for almost 30 years, we've seen the problems caused by these 'budget' provider's first hand.

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Our DHL options utilise the Short Messaging Service (SMS) alerts to notify you (and the recipient if chosen) when your parcel is due to be delivered, yes, a bit old school now, however, very convenient as no apps are required to receive the notification.

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Have you ever tried to ship perfume and cosmetics? We can provide bespoke shipping services specifically for these difficult to send products, see our specialist pages above for more information and how to package and post these niche items.

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You will not find a better customer services team in the courier industry that are contactable via telephone, if you don't believe us, read our reviews on Trustpilot, most comment on how professional and helpful our UK based team are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need to send a metal detector by courier, can it be insured?
A. Yes, we can insure your metal detector and accessories up to £20,000.00.

Q. Can I send a metal detector anywhere in the world?
A. We can ship your metal detector to over 200 countries, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that metal detectors are legal in the destination country - Our insurance will not pay out for legally seized goods.

Q. Can I send batteries with my metal detector?
A. Yes, Lithium batteries should remain inside the metal detector, disposable batteries should be removed and safely disposed of - No loose batteries should be included.

Q. Will the X-Ray scanning machine damage my metal detector?
A. No, Rapiscan systems will not damage your metal detector.

Q. How can I prevent my XP Deus metal detector control panel from turning on whilst in transit?
A. Place the control unit into a small plastic bag to prevent scratches, then wrap in tin foil, which will block all signals that are transmitted, finally wrap the control unit in multiple layers of bubble wrap.

Q. Can I send small digging tools that resemble a dagger?
A. We would not recommend sending such tools as when viewed on a Rapiscan machine, they may be depicted as a weapon and subsequently seized.

Q. Can I send a shovel along with a metal detector?
A. Yes but make sure that all items are sufficiently wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent collision or pressure damage during transit.