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Server Shipping

Sending rackmount and tower computer servers can be difficult in the absence of a pallet.

Overland Express have been sending rackmount servers for decades, and have found ways around the necessity of needing a pallet and fork lift truck for the more moderately sized computer servers.

Essentially, it's all about the actual weight and volumetric weight of the server that you wish to send by courier. Most couriers have a dead weight cut-off between 25 and 30 kg, DHL for example, allow much heavier servers to be shipped (circa 70 kg).

Volumetric weight is calculated by measuring the 3 dimensions of the server box in cm, for example a boxed (non-OEM packaging) 2U server is approximately 76 cm x 50 cm x 12 cm which equals 45,600 cm3, then divide this figure by 5,000 to obtain the volumetric weight, which in this example is just over 9 kg. The couriers always charge on either dead or volumetric rate, whichever is the largest. So please ensure that you enter the accurate dead-weight and correct height, width and depth of the server when packaged to avoid costly retrospective surcharges.

Invariably, it's not the volumetric weight that causes issues when sending a server by courier, it's the dead weight, after all, there is a lot of metal in these servers!

Packaging the Server

The best way to keep the dead weight to a minimum is to remove the hot swap devices such as hard disk drives (over 1 kg each), power supplies (2 - 3 kg each) and PCI-e cards such as GPU's and RAID controllers, then place these items into separate packaging. This may marginally increases the shipping cost of the server and components depending on whether the courier provider charges per consignment or parcel, however, it also offers more protection to fragile storage devices and add in PCI-e cards as they can be individually placed into anti-static packaging and wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap prior to them being boxed.

If the Hard Disk Drives are part of a pre-configured RAID set, it would be prudent to label them so that the recipient knows which bay to insert them into prior to powering on the server. Likewise, the recipient should also ensure that the RAM modules, CPU(s) etc. are all correctly seated.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

Remember, if you find it heavy, so will the courier driver and depot staff, which increases the chances of the server being dropped or incorrectly handled.

We always recommended shipping the server chassis in the original manufacturers box, as it offers the best protection to these expensive servers, providing that it is used in conjunction with the original foam inserts which create the correct stand-off all around the server chassis.

But we get it, you've just read the previous paragraph and realised that you disposed of the original server packaging three or so years ago!

Fortunately, there are alternatives, sellers on eBay list these boxes complete with inserts and companies such as serverboxes.co.uk also sell them complete with bubble wrap. It should be noted that Overland Express do not specifically endorse these boxes and care should be taken when using non-original packing materials, especially if purchasing our optional server shipping insurance.

Rack server ears are especially susceptible to being damaged or bent whilst in transit, ensure that they are correctly protected and not directly in contact with the box outer. There should be no movement of the package contents should the box be shaken.

Server Shipping Insurance

Overland Express offer optional insurance when shipping your server, however, this comes with strict rules that must be adhered to as in the event of a claim, you may not be covered. These rules include:

  • • Don't write on the parcel label the contents of the package.
  • • Remove any original labels etc. which may indicate what is in the package.
  • • Cover up or wrap over manufacturer logo's that may be present on the box outer.
  • • Only use thick, double walled cardboard boxes with adequate foam inserts.
  • • Overland Express nor our insurer will be liable for data loss, in the event of a claim only the server hardware is covered.

Our server shipping insurance costs 2.00% of the declared value (maximum £20,000.00) subject to a £10.00 minimum fee to cover policy administration charges.

Server Shipping Sizes

There is no set size of server that can or cannot be shipped, simply enter the accurate weights and sizes above to get an immediate quote as we find that sometimes a 2U server can be just as heavy as a 4U server as it all depends on the composition of the chassis.

Other Considerations

If the server is being shipped with important data, you should consider taking a backup of the data prior to shipping. Likewise, if the data is sensitive, you may wish to encrypt this data to meet your obligations with the GDPR.

We find that the parcel labels are more easily damaged or lost on heavier parcels, therefore, we recommend that 2 copies of the label are attached to the outer box (one on the top and one on the side) and a further label placed inside the box prior to sealing.

If you are sending a server outside of the United Kingdom, you will need to complete a commercial invoice for Customs clearance. We will provide you with all the necessary Customs paperwork, free of charge.

Please read our frequently asked questions below, for further information.

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Excellent service with Real People!!!

I have been using overland Express for some months now to send liquids to France (not easy with Brexit) and they have given me a fantastic service. There is always an actual person!!! ready to pick up the phone or respond to your emails, they are a small team who all know what is happening and are always happy to help. Quite rare to find that nowadays!! So, I very much recommend them. They also have a good sense of humour when you call, they make my day!


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Brilliant service

Brilliant service, found online after a lot of searching for someone to ship my Grandsons PlayStation 5 from UK to Ireland. Lots of other companies said that they couldn't deal with games consoles and the ones that did say that they couldn't be insured. Sent a few emails back and forth with both Tim & Stuart, answered promptly and confirmed that console was insured. Picked up Thursday evening and at my sons Saturday morning.


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Overland Express are fantastic agents…

Overland Express are fantastic agents for the courier services. We regularly use their services to transport paint and in over 2 years they haven't missed a beat. Fast to generate labels; Always easy to contact by phone in case of query; Extremely helpful team and the website is easy to use too.

Highly recommended! Effect Distribution Ltd.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to weight the server prior to shipping?
A. Yes, the server should be placed into the shipping box and then weighed. If the server is deemed a Health and Safety risk at the depot due to its weight, you may need to arrange to collect it back from the courier, which will also incur a handling fee before it can be released.

Q. I need to ship a server, can it be insured?
A. Yes it can be insured, however, as with anything insured, there are strict rules to follow.

Q. Should I ship my server with the Hard Drives installed?
A. We recommend removing Hard Disk Drives and hot swap power supplies to reduce the dead weight of the server and these devices can be better protected by being shipped in another box.

Q. Can I ship a 4U server with your server shipping service?
A. We cannot give a definitive answer as it really depends on the weight of the server when boxed (removing Hard Disk Drives and other heavy accessories may reduce the weight to an acceptable level).

Q. Can I send a server overseas?
A. Yes you can ship a server internationally, however, you must ensure that an export licence is not required. It should also be noted that the recipient will most likely have to pay import duty before it is released.