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So you want to send a cheap parcel to Tatooine, Coruscant, Naboo, Endor, Serenno or Hoth?

Well let Overland Express take care of that parcel delivery for you! We have been sending parcels to those far, far locations for almost 25 years for the low price of 2,000,000 Galactic Credit Standard.

Actually, that is a bit of a lie really. However, we do send cheap parcels to the countries that Star Wars was filmed in, such as Tunisia, Norway, Italy, The United Kingdom and United States of America.

So if you have any Star Wars memorabilia, or anything else for that matter, that you wish to have delivered, use the quick quote tool above to start saving money on national and international parcel deliveries straight away.

We do not guarantee that your parcel will be shipped by the Millennium Falcon, but we can assure you that we do not simply rely on "The Force", only our pure experience and long standing knowledge of the parcel courier industry.

Our Highlights: UK delivery from just £3.99, Worldwide next day delivery service from only £15.00 and send a 30kg parcel to Europe from as little as £16.99.

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