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Send Expensive Items by Courier

When sending luxury items by courier, or shipping high value items, it's important that they are fully covered against loss or damage.

Overland Express can ship antiques, deliver oriental rugs, send figurines, we can even deliver coin collections, fully insured against loss or damage, up to £20,000.00 (exclusions apply).

With over a quarter of a century of delivering valuable items Worldwide, there is not much that we cannot send. Whilst most carriers have a low limit on what they will cover, we have our own high value parcel insurance for shipping antiques and valuables. With a simple pricing structure, charged at 2.00% of the value (minimum charge: £10.00). Please contact us for a specific quote for any items above £5000.00.

Our valuable item delivery service is with the most trusted names in the logistics industry, such as DHL, UPS and FedEx. Offering you rates at up to 70% lower than our competitors and giving you the peace of mind that your valuable items are fully covered whilst in transit.

Whether sending expensive items to friends or relatives, or arranging collection of valuable items from auction houses, we make the service as simple as possible, saving you time and money. Simply enter your requirements into the quick quote form above and start saving money today.

All of our high value item delivery services are fully tracked and signed for, door to door.

When shipping high value items, please take a look at our packing advice below Additional insurance can be added during the booking process.

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

You can also use our Courier for expensive items service for items sold or purchased on platforms such as eBay or Facebook Market Place.

Prices are door to door and include collection from your home or place of work, in addition to various drop off options for your convenience.

Sending valuable items overseas

These can be sent in much the same way as sending valuable items in the UK. The only difference is that you will require Customs documentation. This is automatically produced for you during the booking process. Please be aware that the receiver may be liable for duty, once the parcel arrives in the destination Country and would advise you to check that there are no restrictions in that particular Country prior to sending.

You can see a selection of our valuable item delivery destinations and transit times in the table below.

Destination Days
Send stamp collection to Australia 2 - 3
Send antique furniture to China 2 - 3
Send gold sovereign to India 2 - 3
Send precious metals to Kuwait 1 - 2
Send fine art to UAE 1 - 2
Send antiques to USA 1 - 3

It is often asked if there are any restrictions when sending valuable goods overseas, see the details below to see examples of certain valuable items that may or may not be shipped by courier.

Item Allowed?
Send cash by courier No
Send collectible toys by courier Yes
Send un-cut stones by courier No
Send coin collection by courier Yes
Send antique weapons by courier No
Send medals by courier Yes

How to send valuable items by courier


Bubble wrap
Parcel tape
Secure cardboard box

A cardboard box must be used for the outer packaging due to COVID-19 handling restrictions.

Before you send send valuable items by courier, please take a few minutes to read our packing advice.

We recommend printing an additional parcel label and placing this inside the outer box in the instance that the original label becomes detached or damaged during transit.

When sending valuable items, it is essential that they are correctly packaged for transit.

For sending paintings and works of art, we suggest using a wooden picture box, or art shipping box. These can be purchased from galleries, eBay, or Amazon and provide a high level of protection.

When choosing a box, choose one that is 50mm larger in each direction, this allows for any packing material. Always remove the glass from paintings, prior to shipping. The painting could be seriously damaged if the glass is broken in transit and the insurance does not cover glass, or damage caused by broken glass.

Artwork can be rolled up and packed in a solid cardboard tube. Please do not re-use cardboard tubes, as the structural integrity has already been compromised. When using a wooden frame case, you can put a layer of bubble wrap between the painting and the case cover and additional bubble wrap, or cardboard on the corners, or wrap the painting in a blanket. When using bubble wrap, lay the flat side against the painting and the bubbles facing outwards. This stops any risk of the bubbles marking the varnish on the painting. Do not use polystyrene peanuts, as they can leave debris on the painting.

When shipping figurines, a double walled cardboard box can be used. Use 2-3 layers of bubble wrap before placing in the outer box, with any voids filled with bubble wrap, or foam packing peanuts. For added security, use a slightly larger additional box, placing one box inside the other, again, wrapping the first box in a layer of bubble wrap. Please use new boxes where possible, as they offer a higher level of protection than a previously used box. Please use 2-3 layers of strong parcel tape to seal the box, top and bottom and an additional layer along any seams.

Rugs can be rolled up and placed in a heavy-duty polythene rug bag. These are available from Amazon and will keep the rug clean and dry in transit. We would suggest using a minimum 4ml thickness. Once placed in the bag, the end can be sealed with a cable tie or parcel tape.

If any of your items have cables or plugs, please wrap these adequately, to avoid any risk of damage. Cables should be packed separately.

Once completed, print off and attach your parcel label to the item.

If you are sending your item for repair or restoration, outside of the United Kingdom, you will also need a commercial invoice for Customs clearance. We will provide all Customs paperwork, free of charge. Please attach the commercial invoice to the outside of the package, as it must be visible to the driver. Please do not put it inside the box.

If you require a reliable and inexpensive courier for valuable items, then take a look at us, you can get an instant quote, now.

Please read below, some of our frequently asked questions when sending valuable items.

Our Reviews on Trustpilot

Don't just take our word for it, see what other people are saying about us on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

I send my work worldwide on a regular…

I send my work worldwide on a regular basis and I now use Overland Express for all my shipping. It is great to get such a personal service, they are always quick to answer emails and you even get to talk to a real person on the phone, who knows what they are doing. It is also good to know the insurance they offer really works as the insurance offered by most of the big companies have so many restrictions and exemptions. I have used Overland Express many times and I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone.

Gary Southwell

Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

I have used Overland Express for 2…

I have used Overland Express for 2 years now. I use them to ship bass guitars which are a very large item and have found that they offer the best prices and a good choice of options.
But you only find out how good a company is when things go wrong. Recently there was an issue with a return to a shop, they had the item but due to a mix up within the shop the parcel was never booked in.
I would like to thank the guys at OE for the work you guys put in to help resolve this issue. With some shippers you can`t even speak to a real person never mind get someone to help you with a problem so having someone who you can e mail or speak to on the phone, helped resolve the issue with the shop.


Trustpilot 5 star rating 5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

Needed to send my late husband's guitar…

Needed to send my late husband's guitar plus accessories to a family member.
I've never used a carrier other than Royal Mail before and was a bit nervous. (The parcel was too large for Royal Mail and I'd been warned against using a certain other carrier.)
The Overland Express website gave very helpful advice on how to prepare the guitar and protect it for transit.
I found the firm's customer service to be excellent. I was worried because online tracking informed me that only one parcel had been delivered. I phoned and got an answer straight away. Tom (I think) checked online for me and was very reassuring.
The second parcel was indeed delivered later in the day.

Mari Beagrie


Specialist Areas

If you are sending liquids, paints, perfumes or wheels, please press the tile below that best suits your requirements.

Why Choose Overland Express?

Lowest Prices

We are able to offer lower process than the courier providers themselves due to our bulk buying power, further to that these providers don't want to have the hassle of dealing with individuals - That's how we can offer significantly lower prices.

Immediate Quote

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to book a parcel delivery with Overland Express by keeping the number of pages down to an absolute minimum that you are required to click-through to complete the parcel delivery booking.

Biggest Names

We are sorry to disappoint, but you will not find any budget parcel delivery services here. However, the premium highly rated services from the likes of DHL and UPS can be found here that have prices very close to the budget services that we always avoid.

Parcel Tracking

Use the tracking reference number that we provide at the time of booking to ascertain the whereabouts of your parcel at any given time, from collection to delivery, major updates are always shown on our courier partners tracking pages.


We have secured specialist insurance cover for most items (glass, perfume, paint and liquids etc. excluded) up to the value of £20,000.00 which can be purchased for just 2.00% of the items stated value.

Live Chat Support

Use the live chat function on our web-site if you need to quickly speak with one of our customer support team, it's a direct communication channel which does not use artificial intelligence to attempt to dissuade you from talking to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the best courier for high value items?
A. We work with the World's best couriers to ensure that your valuable items arrive in perfect condition.

Q. Can I ship paintings?
A. You can ship paintings, artwork, drawings and sketches. Please remove the glass from the frames prior to shipping.

Q. I do not have a receipt for my items, can I still insure them?
A. If you do not have a receipt of sale or purchase, we would suggest obtaining an independent valuation, prior to shipping with us.

Q. Can I send valuable items overseas?
A. We deliver to over 220 Countries and provide all Customs and export documentation free of charge.

Q. I am sending my item overseas for restoration, how do I describe this on the Customs declaration?
A. If you select the option 'I am returning these items'.

Q. I need to send a high value parcel, how should I pack this?
A. Please have a read of our packing instruction above, where we explain how to pack valuable items for shipping.

Q. I am sending expensive items by courier, can you insure these?
A. We have our own high value parcel insurance, that fully covers them against loss or damage.

Q. How do I send high value items by post UK?
A. We recommend that you choose a collection service when sending valuable items by courier, as it is more secure than leaving it at a drop off shop.